My Purchases: Coco Hames


Lindsay “Coco” Hames sings and plays guitar in Nashville-based rock band, The Ettes. That’s her, front and center, along with Jem Cohen and Maria “Poni” Silver.  “Fashion and I have a torrid history, most of which I blame on the extreme and unflattering trends of the `90s,” she says, “Thanks a lot My So Called Life.” These days Hames uses fashion to create an on-stage persona, whether it’s white lace leggings and an oversized tee (very Kids Incorporated) or `50s button-up, high-waist shorts and a checkered country and western shirt (a nod to Patsy Cline). Between recording and touring, Hames took us on a week-long Tennessee shopping spree.

Boots 4-in-1 makeup remover wipes, $6.99, Target
Denim dress, $15, Target
“Start off the week with an essential Target run. Target is our go-to on the road and at home for everything from cosmetics to clothing. I’m excited to get my favorite Boots 4-in-1 makeup remover wipes. I’ve tried them all, and these are the best! I also picked up a cute denim summer dress. I love this place.”

Bone ring, $75, Carissa Mockler
“Carissa Mockler makes the most beautiful gold-and-bone jewelry. Since we have a photo shoot coming up, [my bandmate] Poni and I stopped by her place to check out her wares. She makes everything by hand and is a true artist. Her spirit really sings through her jewelry and as someone who doesn’t like frou-frou or excess, I appreciate her work and took home a beautiful custom carved bone ring. She takes appointments and special orders. You can email her: [email protected]

Diptyque Baies candle, $60, Woo, Nashville, TN
When Neiman Marcus stopped carrying Diptyque candles, I didn’t know what to do, as I’m obsessed with their Baies fragrance and insist on having one for home and one for the road. It comforts me and gives me a sense of place when I’m constantly changing towns, plus it makes my luggage smell good! When a friend told me Woo, a boutique on the west side of Nashville, sold the full line of Diptyque, I was over the moon!”

7 for All Mankind Roxanne skinny jeans, $198, Shopbop

New jeans arrive today from Shopbop, my favorite clothing website. They have great customer service and an easy return policy. Since we don’t have any of the major retailers or department stores here in Nashville, I’m on Shopbop a LOT! I love basics that I can rely on. When I’m on tour I just wear things out completely so I’m always on the lookout for “the perfect…” Finally found the perfect pair of black skinny jeans with a high-rise waist (no top-o’-the-thong for me!) the Roxanne High-Rise Skinny Jean from 7 for All Mankind. And another bonus from Shopbop: they were on major sale!”

Vintage children’s dress, : $18, Venus and Mars, Nashville, TN
“Stopped by a great local vintage shop Venus and Mars owned by our friend Karen Elson. She always has the loveliest little things, from pretty summer dresses to sharp vintage men’s suits, to couture (upstairs, in the secret couture room!) as well as gorgeous hand-selected hats, jewelry and lingerie. I was looking for a gift for my sister, who is expecting her first daughter. Venus and Mars did not disappoint. I found an adorable, frilly pink dress that looks just like the one my mom saved from her babyhood. Score!”

Four Chairs, $50 each, Pre to Post Modern, Nashville, TN
The weekends are best to peruse all the local flea markets (there are a TON!) and vintage shops. That’s when they put out their newest stuff. Have been searching for a new (old) set of dining chairs and really lucked out, as I often do, at Pre to Post Modern on 8th Avenue, Nashville. They have great mid-century furniture and bric-a-brac, as well as vintage clothing and fashion by local designers. It’s run by the nicest and most fun lady! It’s a great place for gifts (cute little books and toys) and once I picked up a pair of jeans for $10!” 

Bliss lemon and sage body butter, $29, Sephora
Stila powder, $24, Sephora
Lancôme Bi-facil eye makeup remover, $26, Sephora
Much of Nashville is closed on Sunday, but not the mall! The Mall at Green Hills is our best (and only) major brand mall, and you know what that means: Sephora! I gasped when I saw my favorite lotion was featured in a new giant size, since I go through so much of it, but I decided on my regular-sized Bliss lemon and sage body butter. I also stocked up on my makeup bag essentials: Stila powder and Lancôme Bi-Facils eye makeup remover. I wear a lot of black eyeliner and mascara and this stuff is the absolute best at giving me a clean sweep, every time.”

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