Fashion Forward: Mad About You


We found five of the maddest Mad Men fans across the country and asked them what they love about the show, have they always dressed like this and will they be shopping at Banana Republic and flying Delta? Does Mad Men marketing work?

Olivia Lloyd, 31, Richmond, VA
How did you first hear about Mad Men?
When the series premiered a few years ago, I started receiving e-mails and phone calls from friends telling me I had to check out the show. Once I started watching, I was hooked!
I love the visual re-creation of the era. It’s spot on. From the furniture to the outfits, even down to the soda bottles and ice cream cartons; everything is flawless. My friends and family say I’m a mid-century girl living in a modern world. Everything in my home is from the 1940s, ’50s or ’60s – my furniture, my lamps, my dishes, my drinking glasses. I listen to all my music on vinyl. I wear vintage clothing and cat-eye glasses. I haven’t really incorporated Mad Men into my life because it already mimics my life.
Do you shop at Banana Republic more since they teamed up with Mad Men?
Not really. The majority of my clothes are either vintage or vintage-inspired, though I have purchased some cute pencil skirts and tight sweaters from Banana Republic in the past. This contest [Banana Republic Mad Men casting call] has made me aware of all the cute items in their current line, so you may see me in there a little more often.

Christian Vieira, 22, St. Louis, MO
Tell us about your Mad Men fandom.
I was a sophomore in college when Mad Men began. I studied marketing and theatre so it was a wonderful blend of my passions.  I love the elegance of the show and the drama is infectious. I work in a marketing firm, love to dress well, and stay classy. Don Draper is my favorite character but I’m biased because I’m from St. Louis just like Jon Hamm.
What do you think of Mad Men marketing partners?
I would consider flying Delta because of their Mad Men association, but I love Southwest. I do find myself in Banana Republic more since the start of Mad Men. I’m spending more money there because I believe the clothes are quality and I want to look good in the workplace. I’m willing to pay more for their products.

Erin Register, 25, Seattle, WA
Tell us about Mad Men and you.
I have long maintained that I was supposed to be in my mid-twenties during the `50s and `60s because I have always been drawn to that era. I used to think I couldn’t wear red lipstick and vintage dresses because I would look ridiculous next to my friends in their low-cut jeans and tops.  After watching the show, I started taking risks. I started wearing red lipstick, vintage dresses and my hair in victory curls and to my amazement, I’ve received nothing but high compliments.
Would you fly Delta because of their Mad Men alliance?
If they had the most affordable rates to where I needed to go, and if they made a good gin and tonic.
Do you shop at Banana Republic more since they teamed up with Mad Men?
Yes.  My favorite dress is from Banana Republic. I bought it after the show started because it oozed the very essence of Mad Men. The dress is orange silk and is knee length.
Is there anything Mad Men can’t sell?

Jessica Schroeder, 27, Brooklyn, NY
How did you get into Mad Men?
A lot of my friends were writing about the show on their blogs. I didn’t have a TV at the time, so I rented the first season on Netflix.
Who’s your favorite Mad Men character?
Fashion-wise, it’s a tie between Joan and Betty, but personality-wise I really love Peggy. She stands up for herself in a world so dominated by men. I love that about her.
Is this how you dress every day?
I’ve been wearing vintage clothes for about five years, and I’ve always been drawn to the `50s housewife look – and I continue to wear that New Look silhouette, with a few updates. I was watching season two the other day and realized I have the exact same brooch as Joan. I also have a pencil necklace similar to Joan, made by Corvus Noir.
Would you fly Delta because of their Mad Men alliance?
I book almost all of my flights based on price, so if they’re offering 1964 rates, sign me up.

Diana Pisone, 36, Chicago, IL
What do you like about the show?
The effortless details and the deeply complicated, multi-layered characters. The writing and production is exquisite and the acting creates a platform for the viewer to read between the lines and fill in the silences.
Who is your favorite character?
Joan! She’s complicated, smart, strong and classically beautiful. My favorite Joan episode is when she’s assisting with reviewing the TV scripts. She does an incredible job, she’s a natural, she saves the day; but in the end she is patted on the head for her efforts.
Do you shop at Banana Republic more since they teamed up with Mad Men?
Of course. I had to go there to pick up my entry form [Mad Men Banana Republic casting call]. But seriously, Banana Republic has tailored and sharp styles that last.
Is there anything AMC’s Mad Men can’t sell?
Mad Men is a subculture.  Everyone wants to belong to something.  Being part of a subculture provides a person with a sense of community.  When you have that on your side, there’s nothing that you can’t sell!

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