Giveaway: Mrs. Press Dressing Table


Clare Press, the blogger, writer and fashion designer behind Mrs. Press has kindly offered a High Low reader a chance to dress up their dressing table with a Mrs. Press gift pack.

The giveaway pack contains Mrs. Press almond oil hand cream, Mrs. Press nourishing body lotion and Mrs. Press posh scented shower gel (all bottles 250ml, all paraben and SLS-free) plus boxed set of two divinely scented triple-milled soaps. RRP value of pack is $105. Winner can choose from three fragrances: Tea Rose, Magnolia and Warm Spice

To win, enter your favorite dressing table memory below in the comments and Clare Press will select a winner. Comments close on Friday, August 6 at 5pm. Giveaway can be shipped worldwide.

11 Responses to “Giveaway: Mrs. Press Dressing Table”

  1. Lani

    My favourite dressing table memory is from my grandmothers home and sitting at her dressing table pretending to be grown up; fixing my hair or doing my makeup. The fragrance that takes me back there every time is Cedal Hair Spray and I suspect the reason I buy it isn’t for it’s hair holding power but the scent that reminds me of days with my grandmother.

  2. Mishmags

    When I was a child, my dressing table was my place of wonder. It was very girly – I had doillies and handmade lace cloths covering its surface, on which I had tiny china horse statues (some with only 3 legs), a bottle of 4711 (I felt very grown up), some lip balm in a ice-cream cone-shaped plastic container, and the best thing of all – the music box my Nana gave me. Pale orange, green and yellow flowers were intertwined on the outside, and when you opened the lid, a pop-up ballerina would twirl to a tinkling song that I can still remember today. I filled it with special thing – bits of ribbon from gifts, jewellery, shells from a seaside holiday… I threw that music box away in my teenage years when I wanted to be more grown-up, but despite being an incredibly nostalgic person, I don’t long for it – the memory is enough.

  3. giba

    my youngest aunts were roommates and they shared a dressing table that I looovvveeed sitting at when I was a younger. This was the 80′s so there were bottles of YSL Rive Gauche and Fracas, Coty talc with the old school pouf applicator, roach clip feathers clipped to the mirror, Ponds cold cream and dozens of tubes of red and orange lipstick (their signature colors). Oh, and can’t forget the many cans of Aquanet hairspray! Tons of beads and random pendants hung over the mirror alongside fluorescent rosaries. They also had a thing for hair barrettes with rhinestones, miniature flowers and sequins, I was never a fan of those but they loved them. One day they decided to dress me up to go to the roller rink and we sat for hours applying multiple layers of blush and eyeshadow before applying a thick coat of Bonnie Bell Coca Cola lip gloss with that cute little roller ball applicator. I thought I looked like Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu. It was magical.

  4. Elizabeth Talerman

    When I was 10 I got to travel on my own. Double digits meant I was old enough to take a Greyhound bus to New York City where my Aunt Gert picked me up. After a wonderful day in the city we retired to her apartment. As I followed her to her bedroom so she could change into her house coat, she let me sit at her dressing table and explore the mysteries of her purse. Diving into that forbidden territory was pure bliss and the beginning of my education on what would be required to be a woman. A soft leather wallet. Rose scented hand-cream. A shiny compact with a clean cotton pad for mid-afternoon touch ups. The perfect shade of red lipstick. A plastic kerchief to keep the coif in place even in the rain. I still remember that moment and smile when I think of it. Secrets revealed in the late afternoon at a proper lady’s dressing table.

  5. MaryAnn WI

    My grandmother wore a perfume that isn’t made anymore. I spent a lot of my childhood at her dressing table just smelling that perfume. I wish I kept it when she died. I’d do anything to smell that again.

  6. Naomi

    shh don’t tell anyone but the space beneath the bottom draw of my dressing table was where I kept my diary. That’s the thing I remember about my dressing table; infinite slots and draws and knobs and spaces, it had a place for everything.

  7. Liz

    I remember my grandmother’s dressing table well — underneath the glass lay a lace doilies that her mother had knit. Above the dressing table were old photos, many of them black-and-white with people deliberately not smiling. On the table itself were some exotic perfume bottles, a brass hand-held mirror, a fancy brush and Revlon lipstick in the green case it used to come in.

  8. Josephine

    A large wooden dressing table with three mirrors through which I could see myself reflected – my past, present and future selves. It was my Mother’s table filled with a myriad of glittering and forbidden objects. Most reverently prized was a large wooden jewellery box which opened outwards and upwards, spilling the scents of the Orient to my nose. Inside the silk-lined box were hundreds of beads tangled together Many from the native women of New Guinea where we lived. I remember a rather large Opal ring and a hundred small pieces of hand-made jewellery that my sisters and I had made for her. A few more expensive rings – legacy of dead relatives. Jewellery that my practical mother would rarely wear, preferring to keep everything for the never-to-come ‘day of best’

    Inside the drawers of the dressing table were old perfumes, Tweed, Yardley, Youth Dew, and travel size colognes from Paris. Handkerchiefs, and small paintings we had done for my mother.

    It was not a glamorous dressing table. No Marie Antoinette in the wares displayed, no Sophie Dahl curves and pink frill but there was love, sentiment, craft and family. It was not a dressing table built around a woman’s vanity and need to preen. But it did hold its surprises and its secrets like the woman herself.

    When thieves broke into my parent’s home. The wooden jewellery box which my Mother had kept for years was stolen, later discarded broken and emptied on the street. My sister’s voice trembled on the phone describing how my normally stoic mother had broken down over the loss of the contents.

    Dressing tables don’t contain merely glamour and dreams They also are a bridge to memory. A looking glass into another transition. A different life reflected back upon you – sometimes in triple reflections.

  9. Lauren

    My favorite dressing table memory is that of mother’s. I marveled at the small mirrored tray in which she kept her perfume atop of. I used to spritz myself with her favorite perfume, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, asking, “Did you buy this because it’s called Lauren.” My mom would always tell me “Of course honey, I think of you every time I spritz!”

    I remember the fear that lived inside of me, wondering what I would do should the day come that the perfume is discontinued. My fears were realized a few years ago, when trying to purchase it for myself after moving into my first apartment. I wanted to carry the memory of my mother with me to New York. I scoured the entire city for the perfume; if it wasn’t available in New York, it wasn’t available anywhere.

    As I settled into my new place, I realized it wasn’t the perfume but the mirrored tray that put me at ease. The tray symbolizes my mother’s femininity, her sense of organization and of course, her unparalleled taste in decoration. I won’t ever worry about the discontinuation of that memory.

  10. Cam

    Everyone seems to have a memory of their grandmothers or aunt’s dressing tables in the past. My favorite memory of a dressing table is from last week! One of my good friends, Stephanie, has the most amazing dressing table that I envy every time I go to her apartment. It is three large mirrors with the table portion only about 12 inches from the ground. She has the most adorable little seat that is equally as small that mimics the table. The best part is that you feel like a child NOW because you feel so small sitting on the tiny bench seat with the huge mirrors in front of you. And the whole table and drawers are filled with every product you could ever imagine (she is a make up artist and has one of everything). Putting on makeup or doing my hair feels special when I am sitting at her little table. Someday soon I will also have one of my own…

  11. Emma

    Well, my favorite memory would be one of that to come – when I can afford to buy pretty things to line my dressing table!

    This is what I imagine…
    Big bold mirrors with black trim (to match my eclectic Anthropology bedspread). The table is adorned with 60s style vintage jewelry boxes,black and white photos of old memories and an elegant tray to hold my favorite scents (YSL, Chanel and Ralph Lauren’s Summer Romance)