Giveaway: Miracle Body Jeans and Dryel


Sweet jeans! Miracle Body jeans promise you’ll look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds. They have a special patent-pending design and twice as much spandex than ordinary jeans to lift your butt and slim thighs. There are four styles to choose from: bootleg, skinny, cropped and straight (starting at $98). If you’d like to win a pair, just tell us why you love denim in the comments below and the Miracle Body team will select a winner.

We’ll also throw in a Dryel starter kit. It’s a convenient at-home dry cleaning system that safely steams and will clean soil, stains and odors while removing wrinkles and will save you considerable time and money. Dryel cleans 10 garments for the cost of one dry-cleaned garment. Every fashionable piece in your wardrobe can be cared for with Dryel, and it will keep your blue jeans blue.

The fine print: Miracle Body Jeans are available in size 2-18. Comments close Friday, August 13 at 5pm ET. Giveaway can only be shipped within the USA and Canada.

Get the inside scoop on Miracle Body jeans from brand ambassador Robert Verdi. Read his interview here.

8 Responses to “Giveaway: Miracle Body Jeans and Dryel”

  1. Jalaine Eastmond

    I’m 5’2 and in black gurl world they call me “thick” I’ve always had a difficult time finding pants that put the thickness in the right place and would love to make this jean my jean of preference. I have about 10 denim jeans that I LOVE, I love the feel, the tightness, and color of denim its for sure my pants of choice. because of my shape i wear denim almost everyday with heels 5inches yesss…with sneakers, boots,flipflops I walk the dog in my jeans. Im looking for that jean that will add that extra shape to my thickness…keeping my fingers crossed that i can try these.

  2. Sarah Bredel

    Denim is so adaptable. Day or night, it has become a wardrobe staple of our generation. I definitely have a jean for every occasion and love rocking the new skinny jean look, even though I have had three children, I feel like it sucks it in in all the right places. Denim hides a multitude of sins if you get the style that is right for you. Denim can make you look and feel a million bucks without spending a fortune. I love the smell of a new pair of denim jeans…is that weird?

  3. mishmags

    Denim. It’s the lumpy woman’s savior. If your ass needs lifting, wear denim! Need that tummy pulled in? Denim’s the answer! Need your legs looking a bit more like Cameron Diaz’s? Yep, go for denim. Plus it always looks great, even when you’ve washed it a million times. I never used to do denim. I felt jeans were a bit, well, ordinary… until I bought a pair of skinny jeans that sucked my tummy in, lifted my ass and made me feel unbelievably sexy. Now I’m a convert. I don’t own a lot of pairs, but the jeans I do own are expensive, fit like a dream and look great with everything. Although I do feel a bit sorry for my cotton sailor pants that have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

  4. Cam

    I have a love/hate relationship with denim. I am so that girl who has tried on about 1 billion pair of jeans and purchased half of them…and STILL haven’t found the perfect pair. I have found pairs in the past that I love but then wear to death and only then realize they discontinued that style. So, needless to say, my quest for the perfect pair of jeans continues…wish me luck!

  5. Heather

    I’ve always loved denim. You can dress it up or down and wear it with ANYTHING. They are my universal go-to in the closet. I love the different fits to complement my mood or style du jour.

  6. Yasmin

    Denim jeans are amazing. If memory serves me correct, they were originally intended for coal miners to wear, but they’ve come so far since then. Now anyone, of any shape and size, can and loves wearing denim. They just go with every outfit. You can dress down by wearing a tshirt and flip flops, or you can dress up by matching a darker shade of denim with a nice shirt and a pair of heels. The only thing you don’t want to do with denim is get it wet.
    And once you find your perfect pair, you’re good to go.