My Purchases: Katy Seibel

Kansas Couture

Kansas Couture

Every day more than 1500 visitors click on Kansas Couture to see Kathryn Seibel’s daily outfit. She usually sports a fun ensemble of retro denim, vintage smocks and Payless wedges (she’s a copywriter for the national retailer). Since starting her blog in September 2008, Seibel says, “I’ve had many amazing and unexpected opportunities thanks to my blog but probably the best part has been the growth and evolution of my personal style. Sharing your style with the world really encourages innovation.” We get the inside scoop on a week in the shopping life of a thrifty Kansas blogger.

Kansas Couture

Kansas Couture


High-waist swimsuit bottoms, $30, American Apparel
Ruffly bikini top, $15, Target

“After a few years of wearing the same trusty one-piece swimsuit, I decided to venture back into bikini territory this summer. I knew I wanted retro-inspired, high-waist bottoms and a top with ruffle details. I found the perfect bikini on the Urban Outfitters website but, being the avid bargain-hunter I am, wasn’t willing to shell out $100 for it. After some extensive searching, I found similar pieces from American Apparel and Target for less than half the price of my first choice.”

Vintage t-strap flats, $1, thrift store

“I have more shoes than any person needs, but I just couldn’t resist these charming vintage flats. The shiny patent and t-strap silhouette deem them dressy enough for the office, but the one-inch kitten heel makes them equally appropriate for a casual outfit.”

High-waist denim cut-offs, $2, thrift store
Leopard-print hair bow, 50 cents, thrift store

“All summer I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of high-waist denim shorts. After cutting off a couple of inches, this pair is just what I was looking for. As for the bow, I’ve become more and more interested in hair accessories with my short cut.”

Billowy batwing blouse, $20, Envy, Lawrence, KS

“Rather than resort to tight tank-tops to beat the summer heat, I’ve been trying to grow my collection of loose, flowy clothing. The silhouette and rayon fabric of this blouse are perfectly breezy. I wish I could find a dress just like it.”

Covergirl black eyeshadow, $3, grocery store

“When it comes to make-up, I’m definitely a simple, natural kind of girl. Since cutting my hair short, however, I want to experiment with more dramatic elements like smoky eyes or bold lips.”

Scalloped white dress, $15, Kieu’s, Lawrence, KS

“This dress called to me for a number of reasons: the scalloped edges, the big bow, the bright white color, the price tag. After getting it home, I couldn’t help but think it was reminiscent of a choir robe! Nothing a few edgy accessories can’t fix.”

Pixie haircut, Green Room Salon, $34

“Since cutting off my long hair, I’ve been having a blast experimenting with different looks. After having a pixie for a few months, I decided to go for an extra short version in the vein of Jean Seberg and Mia Farrow. It’s definitely the shortest cut I’ve ever had, so I’ve been asserting my femininity with cute bows and headbands as I get used to the length.”

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