Giveaway: Nina Z. Clogs


Swede dreams! Nina Ziefvert of Nina Z, who is featured in our clog story, has offered a summer-chic clog giveaway! Just write your favorite clog memory in the comments below and the winner, as judged by Nina, will receive a pair of Lena (pictured above) or Sara clogs of your choice. Giveaway ends Friday, July 23 at 5pm ET.

The Fine Print: colors and sizes depend on availability. Can only be shipped within the US and Sweden.

31 Responses to “Giveaway: Nina Z. Clogs”

  1. Michele Wilson

    My favorite clog memory is the “clip,clop-clip,clop” sound my clogs made on the tiled floor of my 8th grade classroom. Clogs were a total No-No in the private school uniform dress code (late 1970′s) but that never stopped us from trying to get away with it.

  2. Camille

    My best friend in high school was obsessed with clogs and wore them all the time. She has this fabulous red pair that we all envied. One day we received an assignment in ceramics class to make a replica of our favorite pair of shoes. She made a perfect copy of the red clogs which earned her a high grade. At the end of the school year she gave me her red clog so I would have a pair of my own. What a great friend…and a great pair of shoes!

  3. Margaret

    I loved my clogs – last pair was in 7th grade and I wore them with really high-waisted tapered jeans and Gap t-shirts. Oh and braces. Glad to see they’ve been updated since then. Wish I could say the same for myself!

  4. Jo A

    My favorite clog memory involves a very kind neighbor who traveled to Holland (before we all called it The Netherlands) and brought back for me a beautiful pair of hand-painted wooden clogs. Think pale pine colored wood and delicate red tulips loving painted on each toe.

    I loved them so much one evening my mother came to say goodnight and found that I was already in bed, in pajamas, clogs and all!

  5. Heather

    I had wanted a pair of clogs in ninth grade so badly but my parents would not buy me a pair. I had saved up enough money from working at an ice cream shop that summer and was so proud to buy my first pair of clogs. I wore them everywhere. Even to the first Lollapalooza show.

    I wasn’t expecting to be shoved into the mosh pit and tossed around. Sadly, my clogs were never the same after that concert.

  6. chrissy

    My favorite clog memory comes from a movie, “Well, I broke in my purple clogs.” I’ve been pining for a pair of purple clogs ever since I saw Clueless in the 5th grade. :)

  7. Pascale

    When I was five I had a pair of red patent leather clogs … it was the late 70′s and I rocked my kindergarten in those babies!

  8. sara

    my favorite clog memory was, in fact, not my own. it was a memory of my mother, who, you should know, frequently whispers in my ear, “i wore that when i was younger…”

    i digress, the clogs: she used to have a favorite pair, one that she wore everywhere. they were dark brown, solid in structure and simple in style. one summer during her high school years, she accompanied a cousin to a small town upstate with dozens of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a large cooler. the town was said to be hosting a concert of lesser-known bands of the day and my mom and her cousin were more than a little intrigued. the clogs were on her feet, slowly falling apart with wear.

    the concert was woodstock and while the clogs no longer exist (her mother forced them to be trashed a few summers later), but the memory has been repeated and repeated as clogs have filtered back into stores as a “new” trend. perhaps with a pair of my own, i can create a memory just as…well…memorable!

  9. Lindsey

    My high school drawing and painting teacher stomped across the classroom day in and day out in a well-worn pair of paint-spattered leather Dansko’s. I always could see that air of fashion behind her if you mentally edited out the stained Gap t-shirt and mom jeans and focused on her glowing waist-length (naturally!!) platinum hair and authentically distressed clogs… total W material.

  10. Yvette

    My first pair of clogs were denim (oh the horror!) however I loved them. My mum owned a children’s clothing business when I was younger, so I was a very ‘matchy-matchy’ child. I had dresses, shorts, swing tops, even hats! that matched my lovely denim clogs :)

  11. Liz

    I remember my first pair of clogs so well — it was a fairly standard black leather clog. I bought them in the 8th grade and they marked my second time purchasing fashionable footwear. (Before this it was just sneakers and loafers to go with my school uniform.) I couldn’t believe how much more flattering they were than my Doc Martens (my first coveted pair of shoes) — they added a some much needed height and definition to my calves. I wore them every chance I got!

  12. Rosie

    Well! Clogs and I, yes we have had quite some past. My favorite pair of clogs, I think I had them in the 10th grade. They were brown knit with a nordic snowflake emblem on top and some appropriately clunky wooden sole. My thrifty ways were in effect even back then, since I had bought them for under $10 at some bargain basement. When I saw that clogs were back in style for 2010 Good lord I ran out to thrift stores in search for the perfect clog shoe. I had no luck, until one day, out of the corner of my eye I found the exact same clog that I used to wear over 7 years ago IN MY SIZE. I’m pretty sure all of the little old ladies in the shoe section of the Salvation Army gave me weird looks when I gave out a yelp and did a little shoe dance.

    Regardless, I love clogs and would love to own a pair of Nina Z’s!

  13. kelsey

    My mother dressed me in Marimekko and my grandmother only bought me flowered leggings from Hanna Andersen, both with clogs to match. I was probably the only 4th grader in Tennessee who could have passed as Scandinavian.

  14. Kara

    I grew up Minnesota, where almost everyone is at least 75% Swedish, Norwegian, or a combination of both. Maybe the love of clogs just runs in our veins. Growing up in Minneapolis, I was seen by my favorite younger cousin (who grew up on a farm in rural southern MN) as the big-city girl. Every time we got together she would comment on my fashion (which at the time consisted of high-waisted dyed Gap jeans and “Save the Earth” tees). One Christmas I showed up to the farm in vintage Swedish clogs (thrifted), a black silk babydoll Gap dress (worn over a gray baby-tee), and knee-high argyle socks. This was some sore of Clueless/Hole/Scandinavian heritage mashup. My cousin was delighted though because her mother, the good Swede that she is, had a pair of Swedish clogs almost identical to mine so she slipped them on and we were fashion twins that night!

    I have always been teased for my love of clogs, so it’s somewhat of a relief to fit in these days. The Nina Z clogs are gorgeous!

  15. Lauren

    I guess you can call me a bit of a closet clog freak. My mother never let me wear clogs when I was younger for fear that I would “break an ankle with such little support”. Unbeknownst to her, I would prance around the house any chance I got in an old pair of HER clogs that she hid way in the back of the closet.

    At 23, I still have not purchased clogs of my own (wouldn’t want to defy my mom)but try on every pair I can get my hands on!

  16. Melissa

    I’ve yet to find the perfect pairs of clogs, the last time I owned a pair was in the second grade. The most glorious pair of clogs. They were brown, mary-jane style, floral embroidered clogs. These clogs looked great with every outfit, considering every outfit was a navy dress back in elementary school.And since then I’ve never owned a pair of clogs, but now that they’ve resurfaced as a main fashion staple I’m on the hunt for a perfect pair. Maybe a new pair of Nina Z’s would jumpstart the clog collection.

  17. Darcie

    I finally got into wearing them in my mid-20s while working at a women’s clothing store that sold a certain brand. I didn’t understand how your foot would float around and they’d still be a perfect fit. I have two now quite worn pairs of plain clogs, as well as four more updated styles. They are the only thing I pack to go on vacation!

  18. Susan

    My favorite clog memory was of one of my babysitters who wore them ALL THE TIME!!! She even wore them in the winter with socks! I used to love the sound they made, you know that wonderful clip clop, cloppity clop, sound. I could use a pair this summer since I have not been able to find a pair of great summer shoes this year. Who knows, maybe I will be wearing them into the winter too?!?

  19. Paula

    My favorite memory is rockin’ this really cool pair of clogs with my culottes and hang-ten t-shirt to a party with some friends. I was a sophomore in high school and at least felt like I was turning heads! I wore them until the leather fell apart!

  20. haruna

    what an awesome giveaway!!
    my clog story begins when I receive the pair ;) beautiful clogs!!!

  21. Amanda D.

    I was in junior high when the Dr. Scholls clogs (sandal version with adorable buckle goodness) came back into style. My mother scoffed at the idea that a pair of clogs that she wore when she was in high school were back and with a vengeance. At first she was immediately opposed to the idea of these clogs being back in her life. I had my eye on a pair with a cream colored strap and the light wooden bottom. I dreamed of that pair every night and what glorious outfits I would plan around them. When my mother taught me to be persistent in life, I don’t think she expected me to be so persistent in my begging for those clogs. I got them after much whining… and don’t you know Mom was sharing them with me that whole summer!

  22. sara

    I just wore out my clogs – they were my favorite shoes. Basic clogs- black leather on a black sole. They went with everything and made me look just that much taller – I always felt so great in them. I literally wore them out after about 5 years of constant use – the soles cracked and I couldn’t repair them. I found another pair and I like them, but they’re not quite the same… I still miss my old ones!

  23. Alicia

    My favorite memory of wearing clogs was on a trip to Disney World for high school Grad Nite (late 70s). That was probably the worst option for footwear when I was going to be walking around all night. Looking hot was definitely more important than comfort. Who can resist a pair of fun leather clogs on a night out!? Not me.

  24. Mei

    I grew up in the back country of N. California. Like outhouse hippie shack country. The school bus would let us off at the end of the paved road, and there was a 2 mile trek home. At the end of the school year, that’s 90 degree weather for you. A sensible girl would wear sneakers or hiking boots. Not I. My advice is not to walk 2 miles in clogs on a dirt road. But now I live in SF and can wear whatever shoes I want.

  25. amanda

    My mum is Swedish. She would bring me back clogs from her trips. It was strange,we lived in Spain… and nobody wore clogs. But i loved them, i wore them all the time, part as an homage to my beautiful blonde and blue eyed mum, and partly because they made me taller. i’m a small woman, 4’11″, and i always dreamed of being taller because i was always the smallest. My favourites over the years were the Sven clogs that were patent leather or had floral motifs. To this day i wear clogs and every time i slip them on i think about my mum, and about how much taller they make me!

  26. RACH

    Being able to get through my first double shift in the hospital(WITHOUT ANY LOWER BACK PAIN) whilst wearing my first pair of clogs= A DREAM COME TRUE!

  27. Meg

    My favorite memory is of my first day of middle school, wearing my black leather clogs. It was actually much too hot for the clogs so they kept slipping off my feet, but I felt fabulous. I’m intrigued by this clog-with-a strap look, no more slippery clogs for me!

  28. Siri Marie Sangesland

    My favorite clog memory is playing football with the boys, at the local field, with clogs on. They were bright red, with picture of Snoopy on :) A priceless memory, of beeing a little girl star, for a couple of hours :) )

  29. melanie

    i remember proudly wearing my clogs to the grocery store with my mother. every where i went people turned to stare at us because they heard me coming. i didn’t wear them quite so proudly the next time…

  30. Natalie

    My first clogs, were lightblue and I loved them. I was 6 years old and I wore them everyday the hole summer long, and cried, when my feet grew and my beloved clogs became to small.

  31. elizabeth mackey

    My earliest memory was when was I was in fourth grade, in 1973. I was the only one who had clogs. The town I lived in was such a hick town, so the kids made fun of me for wearing them. THEN the following year they became “Popular” and then the very same kids that were making fun of me, were now wearing them!! I was such a trend setter :)