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Wish they could all be Calivintage girls. Erin Hagstrom blogs, tweets and tumblrs West Coast fashion with a vintage edge to the world. Here’s what you need to know:

Erin Hagstrom, 27, of Oakland, California is the creative force behind Calivintage – a personal style blog that counts 100,000 unique visits every month. She started blogging in December, 2008 and now has an online empire that includes a Tumblr (over 6000 followers), Twitter (2788 followers) and Facebook (1074 friends).  Hagstrom works on her blog fulltime and posts 12 times a week. She collaborates with LOFT, Modcloth and various Etsy stores.

The turning point: “The Weardrobe Conference [where 20 fashion bloggers with a combined reach of five million readers came together in NYC] really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of blogging. I decided that my blog didn’t just have to be a hobby and that I could take something that I enjoyed doing and turn it into my job.”

The work day: “I try to keep it limited to a regular schedule of eight hours per day but since the internet is such an integral part of my work, social networks and entertainment, it’s really hard to draw a line between work and play. It’s certainly a challenge to tell myself to stop working since my office is my home.”

First fashion love online: “I started getting into fashion when I was in high school. I would pore over all of the current collections on First View and pick out my favorites. The first collection that really got me hooked was Prada Fall 2000. It was sophisticated, vintage-inspired, pretty much everything that I loved.”

Blogs and the fashion industry: “I think we’re still trying to figure out how to work together. I see myself as a bit of a stylist, a model, a writer and a consultant. For now I’m content working with my own framework and keeping open to whatever possibilities come up.”

The people’s fashion: “I keep hearing about the democratization of fashion and I think that’s what we’re experiencing right now. People from outside the industry are able to have a conversation about fashion, and to even influence it. I think that’s very powerful and it will be fun to see how it continues to change.”

Internet famous: “I’ve been recognized on the street before but most often I’ll get an email from someone who says, ‘Oh, I think I saw you shopping in downtown San Francisco. You look taller in real life!’ You can write a blog and actually be shy in real life so I think it can be a bit peculiar. I’m not necessarily out there looking for attention on the street and I can actually be a bit reserved, though I certainly wouldn’t mind if people came up to say hello.”

Erin Hagstrom of Calivintage

Erin Hagstrom of Calivintage